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MAPS: A Multi-Dimensional Password Scheme for Mobile Authentication, presented at ITS 2015
Implicit Authentication for Mobile Devices Using Typing Behavior, presented at HCII 2016
PassGame: A Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Mobile Authentication Scheme, presented at ACHI IARIA 2017
PassGame: Robust Shoulder-Surfing Resistance Through Challenge-Response Authentication, published in the International Journal On Advances in Security, 2017
Leveraging 3D Benefits for Authentication, published in the Open Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, 2017
Smartphone Reconnaissance: Operating System Identification, published in Digital Fingerprinting, 2016
PassHue: Introducing Analog Authentication, presented at HCII 2018
Dissertation, defended Spring 2018, Cleveland State University
CMAPS: A Chess-Based Multi-Facet Password Scheme for Mobile Devices, published in IEEE Access, 2018


PassHue Journal Version (working title) - early 2019

All works are provided for research and educational purposes only. Contact me: jongurary (a t) live (d0t) com